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Innovative programs designed for campers ages 5-18. Make new friends, learn new skills, and enjoy the wonderful outdoors!


Exceptional programs for campers 18+. Make lifetime memories while learning independent living skills, improving self-sufficiency, meeting new friends, and more!

Family Events

Come join us throughout the year for family events such as PumpkinPalooza, Winterfest, and Spring Carnival!

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“Camp Via West’s dedication to providing a safe, fun, and enriching environment that encourages camper independence and social interaction is second to none. There’s not another recreational organization in our area that provides this level of service and care to the developmental disabilities community.”

—Shannon F.

“Camp Via West gives my husband and I a chance to bond with our other daughter and to focus on some other areas of our lives. When Brooke comes to camp, she has more fun than at home and always comes away happy!”

— Cate K.

“Eating together in the main lodge, campfire circles, swimming, hiking, and sports are just a few examples of a typical day at Camp Via West. For Adam, these activities are an opportunity to be independent, to be “one of the guys,” and to be included. This feeling of belonging is really the greatest gift Camp Via West offers.”

— Cheryl S.