Camp Via West Health Center


  • RN always on duty 24 hours/day
  • Nurse Interns help with ADLs and nursing care
  • Equipped for first aid, emergencies, and most home medical treatments
  • 15 minutes from nearest hospital
  • Medication and treatment provided under orders from a doctor, NP or PA
  • All other meds and treatments need to be signed by the camper’s own provider
  • All medications are locked up – may NOT be with campers in lodges (except epi-pens and rescue inhalers). Seizure meds are in a Go-Bag in the locked med room.
  • Can care for:
    • Diabetes
    • G-tubes
    • Straight catheters
    • Nebulizers
    • Seizures with an action plan
  • Cannot care for any kind of IVs or tracheostomies


  • Camp Via West’s Health Center is staffed by 1-2 Registered Nurses 24 hours a day, every day that camp is in session.
  • The Health Center is equipped for first aid and treatment of common camp injuries and illnesses, as well as basic emergency care (while waiting for an ambulance). Camp is a 15 minute drive from the nearest hospital.
  • Nurse Interns (students) are available to support campers and counselors with activities of daily living, including full motor and mobility support and using Hoyer lifts. They also assist with nursing care and first aid as delegated by the RN in charge, after competency training.
  • Select over–the-counter medications and treatments can be provided based on the assessment of the supervising RN, under a Standardized Order Protocol signed by a Licensed Healthcare Provider, with the permission of the camper/ guardian.
  • All personal treatments and medications that fall outside of the Standardized Order Protocol must have an order signed by the camper’s healthcare provider.
  • Medications are stored in a locked room per ACA standards and dispensed by RNs and supervised interns throughout the day.
  • Emergency medications (Epi-pens and rescue inhalers) are held by the counselor assigned to the camper and remain with the camper at all times.
  • Controlled seizure medications are in an easy-access Go-Bag with nursing access in the locked med room.
  • The nursing team can support campers:
    • With insulin dependent diabetes
    • Receiving nebulized breathing treatments
    • Who have seizures and a signed seizure action plan
    • Who eat, drink, or take medications by G-tube
    • Who use straight catheters
      The health center is not currently equipped to care for IVs, central lines, or tracheostomies.